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With roughly 2-hours of premium content, 11-time Stanley Cup finalist Don Koharski provides a wealth of techniques and insight to get you to the next level.

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Don’s entire life has been officiating. From making it to the pros as a teenager to working over 2000 NHL games, Don has seen it all. He is regarded as one of the top referees in NHL history – having worked 11 Stanley Cup Finals. Join Don on the ice in his first-ever online course as he teaches you how to improve your officiating fundamentals, positioning, and mental game.

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In 14 lessons, Don teaches you how to become a more technically and mentally sound official. All lessons were professionally filmed.

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Lesson Plan



Meet Don Koharski and his team of expert instructors.



It’s more than just dropping the puck.


Partner Support

How to cover for your partner when they’re in trouble.


Routine Stoppages

Just because the play stops doesn’t mean we do too.


Secondary Awareness

Learning to anticipate what might happen in a game.


Penalty Calling Procedure

Breaking down the fundamentals of penalty calling.


End Zone Entry/Net Presence

Moving to the net effectively maintaining good sightlines.


End Zone Positioning

Our experts teach you where to be and where your vision should be focused on.


Game Management

Improving your feel and understanding of the game.



It’s important to work as a team and how to stay connected to the play.


The 3-Man System

How to be in the proper position to make the right calls.


Skating Lanes

Top officials need to keep in pace with the play. Use skating lanes to help you maintain good sight lines and connectivity.


Mental Preparation

It’s not just physical preparedness. Tune out distractions.


Line Change Awareness

Being alert while conducting your line change.



Critical to being an official. Don provides his experience how to be an effective communicator.



Go and forge your own path.


Here is a two-minute clip from one of our lessons - when you register you get access to almost two hours of content!

Your Instructors


One of the top referees in the AHL, Terry has worked 11 consecutive Calder Cup finals.


Mat is one of the best linesmen in the QMJHL, and has worked in the President's Cup Final.


Jamie Koharski is a former AHL referee and one of the top referees in the NCAA. He has worked the last three Frozen Four national championships.


MacKenzie works in the QMJHL as a linesman and also as a referee in junior hockey.



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Is this course right for me?

Don Koharski's Master Course focuses on the fundamentals in officiating - the same fundamentals being used in the NHL today. This course will provide the basis for improving your game and give you the tools to succeed.

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We work closely with associations to provide quality learning tools. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to find our sales info. Group pricing rates are available.

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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

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Absolutely! We've got a few more in the works. Join the Academy today for a chance to be the first to know and to help craft our future courses.